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Buy one get one free!!

All the letters of the alphabet are showcased “letterography style” on this fun, black and white, 18×24″ poster! This looks great laminated or framed. Poster frames are easily found at your local craft store or on Amazon. I take all the photographs myself and make the designs.

Frame not included yet is a perfect addition to a kids room, classroom, or family recreation area! Interested in the story behind the letters? See below!

A – writing in carpet.
B – writing in sand.
C – pool table pocket.
D – flower holder.
E – etched into bark of tree.
F – side of tennis shoe.
G – quilted letter.
H – metal on furniture.
I – grout in between brick.
J – lighted string of lights.
K – back of park bench.
L – ottoman with removable piece.
M – bottom of wooden table.
N – side of tennis shoe.
O – wheel.
P – wire molded into letter.
Q – bowl with spoon.
R – coffee/tea mug.
S – white paint on bricks.
T – sticks in the show.
U – plate with watermelon theme.
V – parking lot markings.
W – metal on wall decor.
X – rope on a pillow.
Y – design on back of furniture.
& – metal sign.
Z – glass beads on couch.

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