Merry Christmas Everyone Wooden Print


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I currently have one available in this piece.

This charming piece of wooden art is ready to display on a picture wall, in a nook, and rests well on a small easel. It’s the perfect size to place on a mantel or other furniture. The top and the bottom are lined with bark and the sides are unfinished.

I have two available. One in black and one in white.

Dimensions are ~ 8-8.5″-x13″, and total 3/4″ thick. The photograph of letterography letters has been printed on basswood then sealed for protection. I take all the images myself! Each piece is unique and while the letters remain the same, distressed areas that are part of the printing process may vary.

This art comes ready to hang.

Interested in the story behind the letters?

M – side of tennis shoe
E – etched into aspen tree
R – glass beads
R – side of coffee cup
Y – ribbon with silver dots

C – metal decoration
H – metal trivet
R – bows
I – grout between bricks
S – small box for holding items
T – grout between tiles
M – carving on wooden sign
A – white paint on brick
S – design in carpet

E – metal E
V – ottoman with a piece that is movable
E – baseballs
R – black paint on white sign
Y – string of pearls
O – candle wreath
N – writing in the sand
E – buttons

(Tray and candle in pictures not included.)