Single Card: Congratulations


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This is one of my favorite designs! It’s a perfect card for all the times you want to express your happiness for a special event (wedding/new baby/graduation etc) or when someone has achieved something awesome! I take the pictures myself of the letters and blend them together in this design to spell congratulations!

Write your message on a folded 4×5.5″ greeting card that’s printed on sturdy linen paper. The card is blank inside with a white envelope included.

If you like this design check out the variety pack listings of Special Occasion for more options. You can also choose a pack of 5 or 10 and keep them on hand for when you need them!

Interested in the story behind each of the letters?

C – decorative metal.
O – decorative stone.
N – side of a tennis shoe.
G – letter wrapped in quilt material.
R – glass beads on couch.
A – white paint on bricks.
T – metal and wood frame.
U – dish with watermelon pattern.
L – design in wooden bench.
A – decoration underneath table.
T – decoration on a dish.
I – silver trivet.
O – metal in decorative fencing.
N – tea/coffee mug.
S – engraving in stone sign.