Wall Art: Faith Hope Love

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This bundle comes with three separate pictures for you to hang in any configuration you want! Great for a larger area in a hallway or above some furniture. I’ve had a few customers buy the bundle, keep one, and give two away to family!

Sizes are as follows:
Faith – 5×25″
Hope – 5×20″
Love – 5×20″

These photographs are mounted and ready to hang (hardware included).

Prints are coated for protection, mounted on 1/2 inch Gatorfoam, and comes with hooks so you can place it right on your wall.

Interested in the story behind the letters?

F – writing in the sand.
A – design in carpet.
I – shadow into carpet from mini-blinds.
T – wooden and metal frame.
H – sticks on snow.

H – metal on furniture.
O – candle.
P – quilted letter.
E – legs of picnic table (turn your head).

L – design on wooden bench.
O – felt heart.
V – ottoman with removable piece.
E – etched into bark of tree.