Wall Art: Family


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This is one of my popular signs! It’s a perfect addition to a picture wall in your home! Surround this piece of art with images of your family members that span the generations. This is a unique gift idea for someone as well. I take all the individual photographs of letters and design them to make the word family.

This 5×30″ photograph is mounted and ready to hang (hardware included). Prints are coated for protection, placed onto 1/2 inch Gatorfoam, and comes with hooks so you can place it right on your wall, rest right on the doorframe over a door, as well as display on a mantel or piece of furniture.

Interested in the story behind the letters?

F – carving in wood.
A – white paint on bricks.
M – side of tennis shoe.
I – writing in the sand.
L – ottoman with removable portion.
Y – glass ball with twine tied around it.