Wall Art: Grace


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This surprisingly lightweight sign is a great addition to a dining area or as an accent piece with other mementos. I’ve had a few customers purchase this item as a gift or for a special place in their home! I take pictures of all the letters individually, and then put them together to design the word.

This 5×25″ photograph is mounted and ready to hang (hardware included). Prints are coated for protection, placed onto 1/2 inch Gatorfoam, and comes with hooks so you can place it right on your wall. The final product also fits well on the top of door frames as well as displays nicely on a mantel or other furniture.

Interested in the story behind the letters?

G – carving in wood.
R – roll of tape and tools.
A – design on underneath a table.
C – curved metal.
E – carved into tree bark.